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Water Loss Protection Plan FAQ

Who is responsible for the water passing through the meter?

The member, all water passing through the meter is the responsibility of the member.

What is the Water Loss Protection Plan?

The Water Loss Protection Plan is a plan to assist members with their water bills during a period of water loss due to a leak on the memberís side of the meter.

How will this impact my water bill?

By participating in this protection plan your monthly water bill will increase by a nominal amount of $0.50 for the standard residential size meter.

How will this protection plan impact my bill if I have a leak?

Any 2 consecutive monthly bills within a 24 month period can be adjusted back to an average bill.

What is the maximum amount of the adjustment?

Up to a $1,000 for standard residential size meter.

Will my sewer portion of the bill be affected by this Water Loss Protection Plan?

This plan will not affect your sewer amount of the bill. Any sewer adjustments are determined by your sewer providerís policy.

How often can the adjustment be made?

Davidson Water, Inc. will offer the adjustment one time in a 24 month period.

How can I opt-out of this plan?

If you choose to opt-out of this plan please contact our office or complete the opt-out form online, and send the opt-out form to our office. This will be effective when received in the office.

How do I initiate an adjustment due to a leak?

Contact Davidson Water, Inc.'s billing department to discuss an adjustment due to a water leak. Proof of repair may be required.