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Davidson Water News
December 2016
2016 Newsletter

Annual Wastewater Report
N.P.D.E.S. #NC0084425
January 24, 2017

At our treatment facility located at 388 Koontz Rd. Lexington, NC, near Yadkin College, we cycle our filter wash water and our settling basin sediment into our two wastewater ponds from which the sediment is removed and the decant water is returned to the Yadkin River.

During the 2016 calendar year we sent decant water samples twice monthly to a North Carolina state certified laboratory for analysis. During this time period, one sample tested slightly above the permit limitation of 0.200 mg/L for manganese. On July 7th the result was 0.248 mg/L. According to the US-EPA, “manganese occurs naturally in soil, air, water and food at low levels,” and “has a low aesthetic threshold in water.” There were no other violations of permit conditions, environment regulations, or environmental laws.

Customers are notified of the availability of this report from our office on their February 2017 water bill, and also via our website

If you have any questions regarding this report or treatment process you may contact Craig Koonts or Brandon Garner at (336) 787-5800.

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