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As of June 25th, we will be dropping support for outdated encryption methods.

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Davidson Water Responsibilities

  • Water That Meets or Exceeds Regulation: The water produced at our water plant meets, and exceeds the water quality standards set by our regulating agencies. The EPA has set current standards for drinking water regulations with the issuance of the Safe Water Drinking Act. In this act, there are enforceable standards that we must adhere to in regards to potential contaminants. We also produce an annual Consumer Confidence Report that shows our testing results regarding these standards for the previous year.
  • Accurate Billing in a Timely Manner: We provide our customers with a standard paper bill, or one sent by e-mail depending upon their preferences. The billing cycle occurs once a month and irregular readings are rechecked to ensure the accuracy of your bill.
  • Leak Repair on Our Main Lines: Itís an unfortunate fact, but at times water lines will leak or break. We strive to repair leaks as quickly as possible, minimizing disruption to our customers and avoiding as much water loss as possible.
  • Current Needs, and Planning for the Future: As our system grows and the number of customers we serve increase, we continue to plan for the future and increase the amount of water we have available for consumption. As the years have gone by, we have added tanks, pump stations, main lines, and increased our water plant capacity. We are in a constant state of planning, making sure we are always adding additional infrastructure to better serve our existing and future customers.
  • Customer Service: To better serve our customers, we use modern approaches such as our website and e-mail as avenues of communication with our customers. We also provide more traditional customer service approaches with office staff available during business hours. Our customer service representatives can be reached in person at our office, or by the phone. Should you wish to make a payment in person, but want a location closer than our office, we also have made paystations available throughout our service area.