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Should I Be Concerned About Lead in My Drinking Water?

At Davidson Water, Inc. we take several steps to safeguard our customers against undesirable water quality. In recent weeks, there has been widespread concern across our nation regarding lead in drinking water and the potential corrosiveness of drinking water. Davidson Water, Inc. does not have lead pipe service lines or distribution system lines. The water in our distribution system does not have any lead present.

As a routine part our operations, water quality is tested for pH as well as orthophosphate, an additive which protects pipes against corrosion. By maintaining strict control over the pH, we can minimize any potential corrosiveness in the drinking water as a result of natural and process factors. The orthophosphate then offers an additional barrier of protection against corrosion. Davidson Water, Inc. follows state and EPA guidelines for monitoring lead in our water system. For additional information concerning lead in drinking water visit the American Water Works Association Lead Resource Community Webpage or feel free to contact Davidson Water, Inc.